Analog Design

Our expertise in Anlog field includes manageable services for analog circuit design, analog layout, memory layout, standard cell design and AMS verification. We have experts for design of high speed serial interfaces, data converters, power management products...

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Digital Design

Our team of experts can provide sustainable services in RTL design, RTL verification, complete physical design flow, physical verification, GDS Generation and Soc Integration. We focus on the use of the latest technology in the delivery of these services.

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Embedded Systems

We have strong competence in hardware board design and production, Board Support Packages, OS Bringup, OS Porting, Device Drivers, Protocol stacks and in developing applications to provide a full range of professional services....

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SiliconBricks has a combined 50+ man-years of experience in Engineering Design, Product Development and Business Management in VLSI & Embedded industry with one-stop service, focusing on the IC/SOC and Embedded Systems design & development.

  • Our Mission

    To be a leading provider of Silicon to Systems Design Services that accelerates time to market.

  • Our Core Values

    ✔ Contribute towards our mission with uncompromising integrity and professionalism.

    ✔ Provide opportunity for continuos learning and have meaningful contribution in the area of participating expertise; to self and community.

    ✔ Work together with passion, enthusiasm, individual respect to create a Great & Fun Place to Work.

    ✔ Achieve operational excellence in all our business commitments to generate profit and growth as a mean to make the other values possible.

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